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Our preferred method of correspondence is via email, though we do offer a full support service for our clients.

In our FAQ section, you can find answers to many frequently asked questions concerning pricing, options, and services. These may also be discussed in our Public Forum.

However, if you have a specific question, do not hesitate to email us here.


You may request a call from one of our specially selected team members by emailing us your specific query (so that we may put you in touch with the appropriate team member), as well as your phone number and a time when you would like us to call.

Inquiry Departments

Specific questions are usually directed to one of the following departments: General Question, Plans and Options, Asins and UPC’s, Scan Schedules, Historical Reports, CompetitorEye/CE Tool, and Evaluation Candidate. If you have an idea as to which department your question may be directed, please let us know.


Client Information at CompetitorEye

If you would like to avail of CompetitorEye’s unique services beginning now, simply provide us with the following information about you and your business, and you can get started keeping on trend with your competition.

Special Information

Your Login name – this will be your unique name, usually your email address or merchant name

Your Password – must be 5 characters in length

Your Email Address – which will never be shared with any outside party

Company Information

Your company information will be held in complete confidence by CompetitorEye.

Please provide:

Your Title

Your Name




Zip/Postal Code


Phone – where we can reach you during business hours

Merchant – What your seller/store name is on Amazon; this is how we report to you and provide filters

Region – out of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France

Amazon Connectivity

This is if you are currently using as place to import, export, and update products and inventory online. Please provide:

Your Merchant ID – which should be found on your main Amazon panel

MarketPlace ID – different from your Merchant ID

Once all these have been providing, CompetitorEye will begin monitoring the Amazon marketplace on your behalf.



Who We Are and Who We Help

CompetitorEye is a consultancy company for internet marketers seeking to sell product while competing against other providers. This is usually done on, the top marketing site for competing providers.

While we are not merchants ourselves, we have the know-how and the statistical processing tools to help you gain advantage in the online marketplace.

What We Do For You

We provide you with the necessary data to make a competent analysis of your selling methods. We cannot suggest specific re-pricing and adjustments, but the information we can provide you will, in and of itself, help you to design a successful sales practice.

Using the “CE Tool”, you tell us what active product catalogue you want us to monitor sales for, and from there, we will provide you with crucial trending information.

When We Monitor

You tell us the monitoring schedule by which you would like to receive email or FTP notifications and updates about the current sales climate. These will include notifications when product prices fluctuate online. We can also provide you with historical reports on past sales trends, helping you decide how to sell in the future.

Why Trending Is Important, and How it Helps You

Working with CompetitiveEye, you will take charge of your own sales future. We’ll monitor your competition while you decide what action to take in terms of adjusting prices and sales trends.

Ultimately, this will help you to keep on trend with the internet marketplace, and will show you what you need to do in order to become the top provider for your product. This means you may be able to become the “Buybox owner”, or preferred supplier for product on

When consumers add a product to their shopping cart on Amazon, they usually do so by clicking “Add to shopping cart”; this in actual fact links them to a default product supplier – or the provider with the best prices for the best value, as seen by Amazon. This is the Buybox owner – and who you want to be, beating the competition.

CompetitorEye is your eye on the competition, and your way to the top.


Competitor Name Change Report

Staying on top of your competition is key to maintaining a profitable business in internet marketing. However, due to the frequency with which competing businesses often change their “store-front” names, this can be unexpectedly difficult to do. After all, if you don’t know who you’re competing against, how can you compete?

CompetitorEye provides a vital service in the form of the “Competitor Name Change Report”, which will notify you of updates on a daily basis. Regular clients will be able to access the first thirty displayed with each notification, while premium plan clients will have access to the entire list.

Why Companies Change Their Names

A company name-change may offer a “fresh start” for a struggling business. Competitors may change their names in order to avoid negative press or branding of their products and practices. Less suspiciously, a company merger may necessitate a name-change.

In any case, knowing who your current competition is will help you to track their sales more thoroughly and to conduct your advertising in a more specific, competitive direction.


Competitor Monitoring

The Basis of Marketing Success

Success in sales is measured not only in profit, but also – and crucially – in comparison to similar businesses and companies selling similar products.

This is competition, the foundation of capitalism, and what keeps any one company from controlling the market – that is, establishing a monopoly over a certain business sector. This keeps prices down and innovation growing, ultimately benefiting both consumers and (successful) businesses.

CompetitorEye on the Internet Marketplace

Marketing on the internet takes place at a breakneck speed – so much so that it is virtually impossible for a single business, on its own, to stay on top of its competitors’ pricing trends while maintaining a top spot in the marketplace.

Using CompetitorEye’s CE Tool and historical report reviews, you will be provided continuous updates on shifting trends in the marketplace and price adjustments by your competitors. You can take control of your own future as a sales provider in analysis of these trends and the current marketing climate.

Monitoring Your Competitors

Firstly, you will have to identify to CompetitorEye which providers you would like your business compared to. From a pull-down list, you can select either “competing merchants” or “all merchants” – that is, either those providers who are in direct competition with you, or all current competing merchants.

You may also choose to get comparisons in relation to the current Buybox holders, or the default provider of your sales product as selected by Amazon.

It is important to note that as businesses frequently change their “store-front” names, CompetitorEye displays all variations of businesses, past and present, who may be or have been in competition with you.

Scanning Your Competitors

You can monitor your competition at many different points in time. You have the option to scan your competition currently, or “right now”, as well as for today, the past 24 hours, since the last Sunday, for the past week, month, or year.

The marketplace can fluctuate minute-by-minute, so it is important to know at what rate you would like data to be processed.

You may further narrow your monitoring process to include only providers selling items in common with you, or Buybox holders and competitors who sell their products with hidden prices. You can customize your monitoring process to suit you at all times.


Competitive Intelligence and the BuyBox

What is the Buybox?

The “Buybox” is the highly visible link on an internet marketing site such as – where it is marked “Add to shopping cart” – which is actually a link to purchasing product from the site’s preferred provider. It is, in other words, the default seller.

There are other options to buy from in the “lineup” box under the Buybox, marked with smaller links to “add to cart”. Because these links are less prominently displayed, they are less likely to be clicked by consumers.

Therefore, the “owner” of the Buybox – the provider which the site has deemed to be the best in terms of pricing and consumer satisfaction – is at the top of the competition. All providers aspire to the Buybox.

How To Stay in the Buybox

CompetitorEye cannout “re-price” your products for you to keep them up to date with the competition, but what CompetitorEye’s CE Tool can do for you is provide you with all statistics and trends you need to make an informed analysis of your business success.

Once you register with CompetitorEye, you can identify the active product catalogue you want monitored, as well as the monitoring schedule by which you would like us to inform you of the changing market.

Crucially, the CE Tool will alert you to changes in competitors’ actual delivered prices – meaning, what the product you sell is being sold for by other companies with all hidden costs (like shipping and handling) included.

Thusly, you will be able to decide when you may need to adjust prices, like possibly lowering shipping costs, in order to become a marketing site’s preferred buyer.

What to Do If You’re the Buybox Owner

If you are the current Buybox owner, you may feel you have the opportunity to raise your prices and, so doing, increase your profit. The CE Tool and historical report review offered by CompetitorEye will provide you with all the information you need to judge whether this can prove successful.

Pricing Against the Buybox Owner

With our premium plan, it will be possible to automatically adjust your prices to chase the price of a Buybox holder, while setting some of your prices at a constant.

Our documentation and tutorials are currently being fine-tuned so that you will be able to employ this service at the same time as you avoid hitting a “floor” price, or the minimum price you will recognize at which to sell your product.

You can tailor our CompetitorEye services to your own needs for staying on track with Buybox holders, or for maintaining this very coveted position.


CE Tool

CompetitorEye’s “CE Tool”

When it comes to keeping you informed about the internet marketing climate right now, CompetitorEye’s most important feature is the “CE Tool”, which provides you with all the information you need to analyze current marketing conditions, trends in pricing, and what’s happening to competitor’s businesses in relation to yours.

This all comes to you in real time, so that you can be up-to-date at all times about the internet market. And with the CE Tool, you also have the option to view historical reports on competing companies’ pricing trends, so that you can make an informed analysis of the importance of certain shifts and adjustments in the markets.

Historical Reports

CompetitorEye’s CE Tool keeps a snapshot of your active product catalogue with ever update and notification, so that you can, at any time, trace significant trends in your selling history.

You can also keep track of your marketplace competitors own business histories in order to track the competitive relationship between you and other providers. You can trace companies’ success through from years ago up to this very minute.

CompetitorEye will email or FTP your server with these snapshot histories, so that you can perform relevant market analysis and adjustments as you see fit. You take control over the information that the CE Tool provides.

The Importance of Trending

The CE Tool will help you chart how often you own the Amazon Buybox over competing providers, thus indicating where your business has proved to be particularly well-received by consumers.

If you have noted from historical reports and current trending that you have failed to own the Buybox or even to appear in the lineup of competitive providers, it may be necessary to identify yourself as a company “in trouble” – and to rectify certain losses accordingly.

And finally, when the CE Tool has shown you to be successful against your competition, you may want to consider price increases in order to maximize your profit.

CompetitorEye will provide you with the statistical information and historical reports needed to help you take informed action on behalf of your online sales.



Helping You Own the BuyBox

Product pricing can fluctuate greatly on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis on and other marketing sites. With our email alert system, we can keep you in-the-know as to the current market for your product.

As a successful merchant, you have to keep abreast at all times of your competitors’ pricing trends, and this is the most important service that CompetitorEye offers.

By sending you email updates and alert notifications on shifting trends within the online market, CompetitorEye will help you decide when to adjust your own prices and trends.

Following your updates will keep you in the all-important Amazon “Buybox” – the link (marked “Add to Shopping Cart”) by which consumers can purchase your product online – as long as possible.

You “own” the Buybox when you are the most competitively priced and most positively reviewed merchant in the market. Amazon and other marketing sites select a provider out of many others offering a given product taking into account price and consumer satisfaction. To achieve this, you have to stay on top of the competition.

Staying Competitive

Price fluctuations can temporarily knock you out of the Buybox, but you can stay competitive by remaining within the “lineup” of alternative product providers following the Buybox owner.

By appearing in the lineup of alternative sellers, you know you are still in competition with the top providers.

Our Alerts System

If you are being kept out of the Buybox by a competitor, you may want to consider adjusting your prices – though not every shift in pricing trends will necessitate adjustments. CompetitorEye provides you with continuous updates on crucial changes in the market, so that you can stay attuned to only the most relevant trends.

We will not update you on every single fluctuation in the market regarding your active market catalogue (which would amount to a deluge of information), but we can notify you via one email per product every six hours as a fixed report.

We will alert you every half hour to price changes on the market, independent of the final feed report, which we will email you. Once you sign in as one of our clients, all this information will become available.


Account Dashboard

Available only to our registered clients, on your Account Dashboard, you will be able to:

Plan and view your options

Optimize pricing

Upload a Catalog

Schedule a Report

Manage FTP and Email

Activate and view payments

What to Do When You’re Getting Started

1) First you want to upload your initial product catalog, or define those products which CompetitorEye will be monitoring for you.

2) You will then set your Report Schedule. CompetitorEye can monitor your catalog up to 4 times a day, 7 days a week, though you can tailor this schedule to be less frequent. You can choose whether to receive updates via email or FTP.

3) You can then automate the process of feedback so that CompetitorEye will always re-import your catalog after each report is completed and received. You may choose to add or remove certain merchants and products to monitor as you see fit.

4) Activate your plan and options so that your account with CompetitorEye will stay running as long as you need it.

CompetitorEye Tools and Reports

If you require a specific format within which your reports are to be returned, you may customize them with CompetitorEye.

You can view the top 100 Products by category according to Amazon’s Sales Rank.

CompetitorEye provides a Competitor Name Change Report so you can stay abreast of your continuing competition – even when it goes by a different name.

With UPC/EAN Sales Rank Analysis, you can view better-ranked, like products to your own, as well as potential UPC/EAN mapping issues.

CompetitorEye’s Historical Reports service allows you to see previous and current reports on your competition and your own business, which may be stored online for up to seven days. This will greatly aid your monitoring of trends in Buybox ownership.

We provide you with email alerts as to changes in your competitors’ pricing trends, so you can stay on top of the internet market for your product.

Our CE Tool lets you know what’s happening in the market in real time.


About Us

History: Who We Are

In 1997, a group of four engineers teamed together to create Scanazon, a consulting company dealing in internet marketing. From the beginning, our goal was to help businesses, large and small, make well-informed choices about their selling methods in order to compete successfully in the selling world.

Initially using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system to transfer information to our clients, we took our business onto the internet in 2008 in order to better reach and serve our clients in the public sector.

Now our information is more accessible to a greater number of people than ever, and we can communicate with clients through email and a continuous feed of information quickly and easily. The end result is that you, the merchant, will have the most capable consultants behind you in CompetitorEye.

As consultants, we do not sell or do business in the sense of advertising merchandise, but we provide you and your business with the information necessary to be successful salespeople. We are here to help you be the savviest, most successful salespeople in internet marketing.

Mission: What We Do

We let you know how competitor businesses are doing in relation to you so that you can respond to certain changes in pricing on the market for your product. This will ultimately help you maintain a competitive advantage and to “own” the all-important “Buybox” on

We provide an automated feed directly to your system containing information on your competitors’ actual delivered pricing. This includes all hidden costs, such as packaging and shipping costs, which may drive up competitors’ seemingly low prices.

By keeping up with competitors’ actual delivered prices through, you will have the best perspective on the market out there.

This service is unique to our consultancy business: others may update you only on your competitors’ non-hidden costs. We give you the most information of the most thorough kind.

We provide report filtering, spot trending, and your competitors’ selling history: all the necessary tools to help you make informed decisions about your business – and to make sure you stay on top of the game.


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